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What Makes a Great Read?

Depends who you ask.

In case you weren’t sure, my books aren’t really about romantic sunsets and tender encounters between impossibly beautiful people discovering each other and overcoming life’s obstacles by agonizing over their emotions together.

The characters I write about tend to overcome life’s obstacles a little more directly, if you get my drift.

The old-fashioned way.

Sound good? You’re welcome.  

Look out for The Huntsman: Blood Money, my debut action thriller novel - launching soon.

Also, if you’re into supernatural fantasy, check out Satyrday Night Fever, available right now on Kindle and in paperback. Maybe buy it. Some people say it’s pretty good.

Yup, I’ve Seen a Few Things.

I like to avoid the mainstream and the mundane.
I’ve seen some things no other human beings are likely to ever see.
I’ve met murderers and saints, and sometimes they were the same people.
I’m a military veteran.
My other day job involves teaching people how not to get killed.

The men in my bloodline have a weird history of being struck by lightning.
So far, so good.

I’m still journeying and writing.

Join me if you want.


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