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Mike Stone isn’t exactly the kind of guy you’d want coming after you.
Remember that cartel boss who accidentally drowned off the coast of Sayulita?
Or the Iranian double agent who killed himself in that Canadian motel room?
Or that Fentanyl producer who somehow blew himself up at his lab in Reno?  
You probably don’t.

And that’s because a very special group of men got to them first.
Technically, they’re military personnel, but… let’s just say they don’t have a website.
And six months ago, a man whose call sign is Huntsman walked out on a stellar career.
Walked out on his unit.

Why, you ask?
Because the woman he loved is dead.
And it was no accident.
Mike Stone won’t stop until he finds out what happened.
Right now, though, he’s knee deep in violent human traffickers and corrupt politicians and Eastern European gangsters - and one particularly stubborn hitman.

They’re all trying to cancel Mike.
They’re all maybe a little too confident for their own good.  
And now, they’re all about to go through some things.


When you’re a once-hot journalist who’s just been fired - and blacklisted by pretty much everyone - life’s not supposed to get any more difficult than it already is.

And it’s especially not supposed to get weird.

For Lew Carter, weird is about to become the new normal. Apocryphal dreams, half-glimpsed monsters, crazy cash from a psycho client, and a woman who glitches his reality.

And, of course, a Satyr. With a sense of humor.

Satyrday Night Fever

Lew Carter is an out-of-work, out-of-luck investigative journalist living in San Francisco. His twin brother is dying, and Lew is running out of options, with no way to pay for the stem cell treatment Lionel needs.

Then - an offer he can't refuse.

The money is great, along with the opportunity to settle an old score. But there are complications. A string of gruesome, inexplicable murders. Weird coincidences and unsettling warps in reality. And a corrupt, psychopathic employer who wants his wife dead - with Lew's help.

A seemingly nondescript artefact appears in Lew’s apartment after a midnight quake, placed there by somebody – or something – who, it seems, is sending him a message. Then, a horrifyingly surreal encounter with a laconically humorous Satyr, a myth suddenly become all too real. And a cryptic directive for Lew from the ancient world, as the electric urban energy of San Francisco gives way to dark, secret spaces where the supernatural manifests, terrifyingly and without warning.

The more Lew uncovers, the more he realizes that the woman he’s been tasked with following is not who she appears to be. But to find the answers he needs, Lew will have to do the unthinkable, and become just like the man he hates the most.

Things are unravelling fast. The FBI is closing in. His best friend is in the crosshairs of the criminal underworld. And, as legend roars into full-blown life, Lew is faced with love, violence, deception, revenge - and the explosive discovery of his own secret past.

Satyrday Night Fever is the first book in the Lew Carter trilogy.

Get it now on Kindle or in paperback.


On impulse, I decided to enter the NOVA short story competition hosted by Science Fiction and Fantasy South Africa, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2021.

The quirky story I wrote ended up winning the competition, to my great delight.

Professor Dierdre Byrne, chief judge, described the story as “remarkably elegant” and “brilliant”. Want to read it?


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